Our Logo

The New Life Aviano logo is designed by Dyke Habegger, an incredibly gifted graphics designer, and a dear brother in Christ with whom I had the pleasure of serving with on the Session of the church I most recently pastored (Redemption Presbyterian Church in Malvern, PA). Dyke provided this write-up of the inspiration for the design of the logo:

The New Life logo is an “NL” monogram that also incorporates the cross and a circular arrow symbolizing “renewal,” all interwoven into a single icon. This symmetrical, grid-based, line-drawing concept was inspired by the sketches of Italian Renaissance masters like Da Vinci, whose schematic drawings of everything from anatomy to architecture evidenced a profound grasp of the orderliness and beauty of divine creation, and who also lived and worked in Northern Italy near Aviano. A closer look at the icon might also suggest an aviation radar screen or targeting system as a nod to the Aviano Air Force base, whose military service members and families will be the ministry focus of the church.

The simple, clear typography for this concept follows the same theme, and is therefore very flexible due to being based on a mathematical grid that allows the logo to be used in a variety of wide or tall spaces.

The brand colors tie together the church’s focus on ministry to the Air Force (deep blue) along with the fresh spiritual life and growth we believe Jesus will bring to Aviano through this new church (bright green).

Together, all of these brand elements combine in a logo that communicates the New Life Aviano mission: To grow in and share the good news of new life in Christ.